Best 10 FREE VPN Services in 2018 Download Now [Working]

VPN or virtual Private Network provides the virtual environment for you to access network. When you are using some private stuff which you don’t want to show your identity in that case VPN service is used. There are many reasons for that you need to use VPN services and you need proper guidance on how to use VPN services. So, your search for choosing right VPN services is definitely ends over here. Here we are going to introduce Best VPN services.  As there are 150+ VPN service provider but all do not stand good on users’ expectations so you need to choose best VPN services for your private stuff so that you cans securely choose it for your purpose.


VPN as it extension defines its meaning Virtual Private Network, that means it is giving you the access for virtual environment in which you can hide your identity and access private stuff privately. There are numerous VPN service providers but not all are good to choose as there are many options for free VPN services and paid services as well. But as we go for free services or cheap ones then it will affect the speed and quality and you need to suffer a lot. As cheap things do not provide you the best facility for any reason, if you want to go for best services you to pay for good VPN service. Do not compromise with the quality of speed and other features by opting free VPN services as there are many discount facilities also available for the different best quality VPN also, you can go for them. You can also hide your IP address and data as well by using VPN services.

Why we download VPN

When we want to hide our data information and identity from the world then we opt the option of VPN. You can use any other IP address by using VPN instead of yours. And off course other country IP address as well. Any other IP address which will give you virtual identity. So, this hides your real identity and you can easily use private browser for this. VPN keeps re-routing the encrypted server and increase the speed also.

You can easily send and receive data online in the encrypted connection which provide you the secure and protected environment in the internet world.


VPN services has many benefits as if the employee is performing work from home than he/she can make a virtual server to show his presence in the office. VPN services provide protection or secure your business as well as employee also. You need to complete your work and if it can be accomplished from home then why one will go office for that. In this scenario VPN services are good option. Or there can be other reasons to use VPN like you want to access some censored content, copyright or political ground things in this case VPN provides you the facilities to get access all these. All these are different purposes you need to use VPN and benefits of using VPN services.

Top 5 Best VPN Service Provider in 2018

In the past 5 years, there are many versatile VPN service provider are introduced in the market which claims that they are providing best VPN services but in actual there is very rare VPN service provider are there in the market which actually mean it and gives best facilities to the users. So, if you are thinking to use VPN services and in this large market space you are getting confused that which services are actually good and will be right option to spend money as there are many VPN services which are free of cost available. But we all are somehow aware of the thing that in case of free things we have to compromise with the quality of the product as well. So, I will surely advise you to go for the paid option first. Take free as a last option and choose well out of that list then. Here, we are going to introduce 10 best VPN service providers which you can think to opt and will surely stand best to your expectations.



Now a day, best VPN service provider is considered as Express VPN. There are around 1800+ servers of ExpressVPN and it offers 140+ locations over 94 countries.

Subscriptions Plan offers of ExpressVPN are:

  • 12 months plan in which $ 6.67 per month and first three month free services i.e. you only need to pay for 9 months.
  • In 6 months plan you need to pay $ 9.99 per month
  • There is one month plan as well in which you pay 12.95 for one month. You can pay for each month.

So, one year plan comes with huge saving feature of this top rated VPN service provider. There is 24/7 hours customer support available by this ExpressVPN. There is excellent range of clients for software front in mobile and desktop. You can use this excellent service on Windows, MAC, iPhone, Android, Linux, Blackberry etc. all mobile as well as desktop fronts.  It also provides feature like DNS content unblocking for streaming media devices and TVs with extensive VPN solution. In the cons list of the ExpressVPN you can just only support 3 devices with this VPN service.

There are lots of Web tutorials and 24/7 customer services which are helpful for the users to easily use its features and services. P2P support is also there and provides concealed secure IP protection till the connection did not drop down. So, if you want to go for reliable, secure, fast VPN service provider then you can surely choose this ExpressVPN service provider.




IPVanish is one the best quality service provider. There are around 1000+ servers of the IPVanish and 4000+ IP address for 64 locations. It is best P2P service provider.

Subscriptions Plan offers of IPVanish are:

  • 12 months plan for $ 6.49 per month.
  • 6 months plan for $ 8.99 per month.
  • One month plan for $ 10.


No free trail services offered by this IPVanish as given in case of ExpressVPN which you can consider as the drawback by IPVanish. But to overcome this drawback there is money back feature that is if you do not like its services then you can ask for money back within one week of usage of IPVanish.


IPVanish provides 24 hours live chat customer support services so that you can easily use its services. There is no traffic log which helps to give you the best high speed usage of internet. Excellent downloading speed is provided by IPVanish. You will not find any kind of network issue while using IPVanish. It’s hard to beat the speed quality of IPVanish as compare to the other VPN service providers. It provides maximum of 10 devices support.  In the case of P2P traffic and tormenting, IPVanish is the best option you can go for.




The third name in the list of best VPN service provider is VyprVPN. It provides a strong secure and high-performance feature. Fast performance, good value annual plans makes it best in the race of best VPN service providers. There are around 700 + number of servers and 200,000 + IP address for 73 server locations.  There is 3 – 5 devices support provided by this VyprVPN.

Subscriptions Plan offers of VyprVPN are:

  • For 12 months you need to pay $ 5 per month
  • For 6 months plan $ 6.67 per month.
  • For one month plan offers $ 9.95 per month.


It gives offer of 25% discount for choosing the annual plan. This VyprVPN service is based on the Switzerland and it is well specified by the different server locations and unlimited data access quality. It has auto – connect option which do not let down its high performance. It’s good for Windows with its easy to use interface. The drawback of this VPN service is this money is not refundable so, once you have purchased this VPN service you can’t think to take it back. But there is 3 days trail period available so if you do not like its services and features there is no need to purchase it and if you get impressed by the services offered by this VPN you can surely go for this.




This ultra secure feature provider VPN comes at the fourth position in the race of best VPN services. This NordVPN is based on Central America and it beats in all the different countries as well. It’s quite good subscription plans, security feature makes it quite popular. There are around 4050 + number of servers in the 60 + server locations and numerous number of IP addresses. It provides 6 devices connection support.



Subscriptions Plan offers of NordVPN are:


  • For 24 months plan it offers $ 3.39 per month.
  • For 12 months plan it offers $ 5.75 per month.
  • For 1 month plan it offers $ 11. 25 per month.


For three years subscription it provides massive discount and you can get plan for three years in just $ 99 that is you need to pay $ 2.75 per month. It also provides 3 days free trail as well so that you can make sure your decision and go for long term plan with this NordVPN services.

It unblocks the large number of live streaming services and provides SmartPlay feature and restricts the geo-grounds also. Its high performance is also seen even in low connections. Its strong DNS leak protection, you can opt any dedicated IP address in this encryption policy extensions for chrome, Firefox Mozilla browser and one more benefit of this VPN service is payment option you can go for bit coin, credit card, debit card, PayPal any of the options of payment method. All these features make it best VPN service provider which you can go for to cherish its high quality features with attractive subscription plans.

Hotspot Shield


Another name in the list of best VPN service provider is Hotspot Shield. It provides around 2500+ numbers of servers in the 25+ different server locations with a large number of IP address. It supports 5 devices connection. The number of server locations is quite low as compared to the other VPN service providers but it is also less costly than other VPN service providers and gives high-quality features in less number of server locations as well.

Subscriptions Plan offers of Hotspot Shield are:

  • 24 months subscription plan comes in the range of $ 2.99 per month.
  • One month plan for $ 12.99 per month.


There is 7 days free trail which you can go for first if you are little bit confused because of less number of server locations. Its quality and high performance speed are its plus points within low cost price. Uploading, downloading speeds are also excellent once the connection is established. There are many other attractive plans for the life – time subscription plans you can see for opting this VPN service.


You are looking for easy to use VPN service provider then defiantly go for the option of TunnelBear. There is approx. 1000 number of servers in 20+ server locations which provides many IP address over there. Number of maximum supported devices is 5 for TunnelBear VPN service provider. This use-friendly software is widely used and considered as best VPN service by the users, which makes it to lie in the high rated list of Best VPN service providers.

Subscriptions Plan offers of TunnelBear are:

  • There is 12 months plans which charges $ 4.99 per month
  • And one month plan which changes $ 9.99 per month.


This TunnelBear VPN is a Canadian based VPN service provider and widely popular in many countries as well. It is easy to use and there is wide range of customer software AND good for both mobile and desktop services. VPN provides the transparent privacy policy and a good option for beginners not for technical purposes. This VPN service slows down for long term internet connections which make it less reliable than others.  It covers 20 + countries in the world which is quite less in number as compare to others but it provides good privacy policies and works well for the usage of mobile and desktop devices as well.



You want to have unlimited VPN service connections then go for the Windscribe. Windscribe this features makes it rank high for the race of best VPN service providers. There are 348 numbers of servers in 50+ server locations with wide range of IP addresses. Number of supported connection devices is unlimited for Windscribe. You can connect unlimited devices with Windscribe VPN. It provides free plan with 10 GB data for monthly usage.

Subscriptions Plan offers of Windscribe are:


  • There is 12 months plans which charges $ 3.75 per month
  • And one month plan which changes $ 4.50 per month.


It provides quality of services for MAC, iPhone, windows clients and has recently launched its services for Android as well. This Windscribe VPN is quite unstable VPN service so you need to be very careful while using this VPN service as here are the high risk rates for using it.  Its commercial plans make it quite popular and low rate subscription plans are also source of attraction for this VPN. It provides clear privacy policies and easy to use by the users but sometimes lacks down in case of speed. Its 10 GB data plan makes it restricted to download many stuffs and connection with more devices also.

KeepSolid VPN unlimited


If you do not want to compromise with any of the features of the VPN services then KeepSolid VPN unlimited is the best option and it is none of the best VPN service provider as well.  There are around 1000+ number of servers in the 70 + server locations consists of large number of IP address with 5 devices connection support feature. It provides good performance quality and high downloading speed also that makes it popular VPN service provider.

Subscriptions Plan offers of KeepSolid VPN unlimited are:


  • There is 12 months plans which charges $ 3.33 per month
  • One month plan which changes $ 6.99 per month.
  • And if you are thinking for unlimited month’s subscription plan then it also offers this plan which charges $ 149. 99 once you need to pay.


It is reliable for wide range of clients like for mobile, desktops, (iOS, Android, Windows, Linux, MAC, etc.) along with instruction guide which makes it easy to use for the customers. This VPN service does not support torrents which can be considered as major drawback for the users as many users main purpose to use VPN service is for torrenting which is not fulfilled by this VPN. There occur some problems in the privacy policies as well and there comes some chances of DNS leakage as well which shadows down its other features.


There is 7 day trial package and 7 day money back policy also available for usage of or opting this VPN service so, if you find any kind of conflict while using this VPN service then you can claim for money back within 7 days of the subscription.



One of the impressive VPN service providers is Cyberghost. It is quite popular and good for windows, gaming kind of features also. There is approx. 1100+ number of servers in 44 different server locations with different IP addresses. Maximum number of supported devices is 5 for this Cyberghost VPN service provider.


Subscriptions Plan offers of Cyberghost are:


  • There is 36 months plan which charges $ 2.41 per month.
  • There is 24 months plan which charges $ 2.63 per month.
  • And for 12 months plan which changes $ 5.25 per month.


This Cyberghost VPN service is German/ Romanian based VPN service provider which have more than 10 million of users. It is reliable for wide range of users that is for mobile, desktop, MAC, Windows, Linux, Android, iOS etc. This also provides peer to peer services. It comes with free VPN plans and unlimited data usage features are also there with quite good performance and speed features.


There is 30 days money back option also there for Cyberghost VPN service. All these features of Cyberghost VPN service provider make it one of the best VPN service providers. There are many other subscription options also there for choosing this VPN service.



One of the most popular and user- friendly VPN service provider is ZenMate. And it has more than 30+ different server locations available for this ZenMate VPN service.  It provides unlimited free accounts to use with easy to use guide features for this VPN service.


Subscriptions Plan offers of ZenMate are:

  • There is 12 months plan which charges $ 4.99 per month.
  • There is 6 month plan also which charges $ 7.49 per month.
  • For one month subscription plan which charges $ 8.99 per month.

If you want to go for trail then there is no trial option but 14 day money back option is also there if you are not satisfied with the services with the ZenMate. It is simple, easy to use and gives high performance to streamlined features.

Best VPN for Torrenting

If you want to use the VPN services for Torrenting then you should definitely go for ExpressVPN. It provides strong encryption and tunnelling features hides your identity and gives proper protection for using VPN for downloading purposes in case of any devices or windows like MAC, Linux, etc. All these features make ExpressVPN best option for Torrenting.  Other eye –catching features I have already mentioned in the above section for opting ExpressVPN and what makes it best or top rated VPN service provider.

Best VPN for Android

If you are using an Android tablet or Phone and want to use VPN service on this and troubling to find out best VPN service provider then here is the answer for Best VPN for Android is “ExpressVPN”. You should definitely go for ExpressVPN in this case. ExpressVPN is good for other devices as well. In case of Android devices these devices are user- friendly. You can go for free trail feature of this first but this free trail option is available for 24 hours only and there is also proper guide or customer support option which will make it easy to use ExpressVPN.

Best VPN for Windows

NordVPN and Cyberghost are one of the best VPN for Windows. When you want to use VPN services for Windows you keep some things in mind like IP address, geo restrictions, security, high performance, easy surfing and no worry. You do not want that anybody will be able to know your geo location and strong privacy of IP address and identity all the things are successfully satisfied by these two VPN services. NordVPN also provides the option of using desirable IP address instead of random any other IP address which makes it more popular. Cyberghost is most reliable VPN service highly opted by the users for Windows.

Best free VPN for MAC

For Apple Computers the best VPN option is again considered as ExpressVPN.  Mac addresses Media Access Control. It simply addresses Apple appliances. So, if you are thinking to use VPN services for MAC app or for iPhone, iPad kind of devices ExpressVPN is best option considered. ExpressVPN is suitable and compatible to use with different kind of devices and gives high quality results as well which are praised by users and make it best out of all other VPN services. Along with all it provides 24 hours customer support which makes easy to use this VPN service. And there is 30 days money – back option. There is no trail feature but if there is 30 day money back option then why to take any trail if don’t like its services you can claim for money – back for the subscription.


Best VPN for PC


While using VPN for Personal Computers you simply want to use VPN services for watching live videos, sports, games and streaming of web serials, TV’s serials etc. So, for this kind f purposes you need to hide your identity and need VPN services of high quality so that they do not make any hassles in your entertainment sources. Well, here also winner VPN service is ExpressVPN. ExpressVPN secure high rated performance beats all other VPN services and make it win in all the aspects of the VON services which users wish to have while opting VPN service providers.


Best free VPN for Kodi


If you want the streamer with Kodi and need VPN service for this then IPVanish is the best VPN service provider for this. This VPN service provides high speed performance which does not interrupts while streaming any video and you can watch videos without any buffering. It provides excellent windows interface and quality is also of high definition in this VPN service. You can go for 7 days free trail first to check its qualities and features and then go for this option for Kodi. IPVanish high performance and speed makes it best option Kodi as you are going you use Kodi for streaming purpose and no one likes buffering and any kind of interruption in this.


Best VPN for China


You are living in China or have visited over there and now you want to use VPN service over there. Then you should surely choose the ExpressVPN service in this country. We all are aware of the censorship restriction of the internet in China so you need a strong protected VPN service to use over there. ExpressVPN provides strong security ensure the protection to use VPN over there. In other locations like Taiwan, Hong- Kong, Vietnam, Japan ExpressVPN is considered as best VPN service provider to use in these countries.


Best free VPN for windows 10


For the latest windows 10 you are looking for best VPN service then you can go for NordVPN services. NordVPN provides the high rated performance once connected with the internet and auto connection feature as well. There are very eye-catching subscription plans offered by the NordVPN also. If you wish to use any particular IP address then, this feature also provided in the NordVPN. So, all these things makes it best option of Windows 10 best VPN service provider. Cyberghost is also considered as best option for Windows services and surely best option for Windows 10 also. Cyberghost provides free VPN solutions for the Windows which makes it quite popular in the Windows option for VPN.


Best Free Unlimited VPN for Android

For unlimited VPN usage in Android devices the best VPN service is VyprVPN. VyprVPN provides unlimited VPN access without compromising with the speed and performance of the internet services. It provides 3 days trail first and no money back feature is available for this VyprVPN services. So, you can fist go for the trail feature and then you can use it properly this VPN do not charge high rated subscription pack and also offers different subscription plans as well which makes it eye- catching VPN service for unlimited VPN for Android devices.

Best VPN for Netflix

Netflix top-rated American media service provider company, whose online streaming serials are quite popular and most of the users eager to watch the live streaming of serials in Netflix. So, to view these live streaming videos you need high quality of VPN service which do not buffer and do not give any kind of conflicts in between the streaming. The best choice for the Netflix is ExpressVPN. In most of the countries Netflix is very much popular and users want to watch or use Netflix. VPN service “ExpressVPN” is provides high speed performance which makes it best VPN service provider.


Best VPN for gaming


While using Gaming you need high rate of speed and performance you can’t compromise with speed as will lose your interest in the game and you will not able to concentrate fully on the games so for this the highly used and recommended VPN is ExpressVPN. ExpressVPN user friendly apps and excellent customer support makes it very much popular in the marketplace. ExpressVPN also comes with Unique VPN apps for routers and different kind of payment methods are available including Bit coin method also which makes it best option for gaming. And if you want to go for free VPN services than Cyberghost is also considered as best option.


Best VPN for Chrome

You want to go for secure and safe VPN service provider for the Chrome browser, ExpressVPN is the best solution in this case. It gives private and strong secure environment for the Chrome. Just open the private browser window and use this VPN service which is reliable, and secure.  This is user- friendly and gives DNS leak protection and kills switch also. And for more it provides customer support as well. It is quite easy to use VPN service “ExpressVPN” for the Chrome and you do not need to trouble very much while using it. Attractive private policy of ExpressVPN makes it best out of other VPN service providers.

Best free VPN for Firestick

Firestick is the highly popular plug and play device which is used for live- streaming purposes that is when you are thinking to watch live matches scores and videos then you go for Firestick option. For using Netflix, Amazon lives streaming videos, smart TV videos or serials etc. Firestick varies largely on the basis of geo locations. To experience better with Firestick VPN services are used. ExpressVPN is considered as best VPN service provider which never conflicts any issues while using it. You can also install ExpressVPN app or APK file for accessing Fire TV stick. Then setup the unique VPN for your router to use the ExpressVPN services and if you are new or getting confused while using it then you can also take help of customer support feature provided by the ExpressVPN. To make better quality of work for live streaming with Firestick ExpressVPN is first choice recommended by the experts.

Best VPN for Streaming

For live streaming or any other TV serials and videos you need a VPN service then you can use the ExpressVPN service. This service gives total private IP protection and you can use ExpressVPN for streaming purposes very easily. While using VPN for streaming you do not want any kind of buffering or loading again and again and wish to watch videos smoothly without any worry of slow internet connection and switches of IP address as well. All these kinds of parameters are successfully handled by ExpressVPN services, which makes it highly reliable and useable VPN service by the users and counted as top rated VPN service provider.


Best free VPN for iPhone

For the Apple devices like iPhone or iOS ExpressVPN app is the best option as it provides user – friendly environment for the users and protected as well. For iPhone largely recommended VPN service is ExpressVPN as it provides strict protection and there is no leakage of DNS streaming videos, easy to download and upload videos with high speed and good for streaming services like Netflix as well. So, our first recommendation for iPhone best VPN service is ExpressVPN and it also gives money back option which makes it more reliable than others.


Best VPN extension for Chrome

If you are looking for the best extension for Chrome then, here again, we would like to recommend ExpressVPN. ExpressVPN private secure features make it highly recommended VPN service for an extension as well as for Chrome browser. When you go for extension for Chrome the VPN service makes it private and do not leak real or original IP address and kill switches as well. So when works well in low internet speed as well after connecting to the VPN service.  And if you are getting any kind of doubts while using VPN services then you can contact to customer support also there is 24 hours service available for the customers.


Best VPN for Popcorn time

For the popcorn time or we can say entertainment purpose when you are going to use VPN service than you do not want to compromise with the high quality features of the VPN service whether using on mobile apps, desktops, like Windows or MAC etc. You want this VPN service to run properly. So, for this you should surely go for most popular high rated VPN service that is ExpressVPN. ExpressVPN apps or services are very good and gives high quality of work which meets client’s satisfaction level at every aspect. It is easy to use, user-friendly and comes with proper guidance so that it do not troubles the user while using this VPN service and users can enjoy their popcorn time without any hurdles and tension of IP address and DNS leak kind of flows.

Best VPN for P2P

IPVanish is the best VON for P2P traffic. When you are going to use peer 2 peer services than you need very high quality of speed which is perfectly matched by the IPVanish VPN server. It’s excellent speed 24 hours live chat customer support makes it highly popular and recommendable option for P2P by the users and experts as well. P2P services are mostly used for business purposes when you are going to perform task or work from home places and need a perfect virtual environment so that clients believe that you are performing your task from work station or offices. ExpressVPN is also the top rated VPN service provider and after the IPVanish is also highly usable VPN for P2P services.

So, this is all about best VPN services you can go for and choose as per your need for personal entertainment purpose or office work, live streaming etc. Different plans and offers these VPN services keeps on updating so that users can easily use their services and enjoy the VPN services without getting troubles like DNS leakage, reveal of actual identity etc. All the important points regarding best VPN services with pros and cons we have mentioned so that you can choose any of the VPN services after proper analysis f these services.  Hope you did like this article and got the important information which you want to extract from here.